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Armillarella Mrllea

Product Code:67123-64-2
Main components:Aristo-lochic acid
Affiliate classification
Sample application
Product Name: Armillarella Mrllea
Botanical Name: Armillaria luteovirens ( Schw.:Fr.) Sing
Part Used: Fruit
CAS No:9004-61-9
Molecular Formula: C28H44N2O23 
Molecular Weight: 776.6486
Appearance: Yellow Brown powder
Brand Name: Changsha Nutramax Inc.
Model Number: Nutramax-AM
What is Armillarella Mrllea produced in Changsha NutraMax Inc.?
The Honey Mushroom is actually a complex of species, some of which are saprophytic, others parasitic on trees and shrubs causing serious economic losses. Rhizomorphs, thickened strands of mycelium, which aid in the spread of the fungus, can sometimes be seen under the bark of affected trees. At least two recognizable forms of Armillaria mellea occur in the S.F. Bay Area, one with a yellowish-brown cap, the other with a reddish-brown cap. The Honey Mushroom possesses several easy to recognize morphological features: a clustered fruiting habit on wood or buried wood, cap with a dark central disc covered with fine hairs or scales, gills with rusty spots in age, and a tough fibrous stipe with a ring.
Until we sort out this group to our satisfaction, we will use the name Armillaria mellea for all the species in this group.
Where will NutraMax’s Armillarella Mrllea be used to?
mellea fermentation extract showed anti-convulsant properties, raising the seizure threshold in PTZ-induced seizures in mice,while an adenosine derivative from the mycelium abolished neurogenic twitch responses induced by electrical field stimulation with both pre- and post-synapse depression, as well as being found to be 1,000 times stronger than adenosine in its cerebral protecting activity .In addition A.mellea polysaccharide extract was shown to benefit vertigo induced by machinery rotation.
Application of NutraMax’s Armillarella Mrllea
Strengthen human immunity
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