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Monk Extract Sweeteners MV 75%


Monk Fruit Extract



1. Source introduction:
Mogroside V is a main substance extracted from Luo Han Guo. It is a high-intensity,  low-calorie, non-nutritive and non-fermentative sweetener, and is the main sweet component in Monk Fruit Extract.

2. Advantages(compared with 50%MV):
①Color and odor:
The color of 75% MV is similar to off-white powder, and is more stable. It smells sweet without obvious Monk Fruit flavor.
The color of 50% MV is light yellow to white. It has sweet flavor with a weak Monk Fruit characteristic smell.
②Aqueous solution:
Water solution of 75% MV is clarified,colorless transparent; It has a sweet smell of sugar water and no obvious characteristic smell of Monk Fruit.
50% MV solution is clarified, and slightly yellow ; It has a sweet smell of sugar water and a weak characteristic smell of Monk Fruit.
Compared with other sweeteners, 75%MV has excellent performance in miscellaneous taste and sweetness. In terms of Mogroside V of various specifications,  75%MV tastes more pure sweetness, and Monk Fruit flavor is less obvious. The first and middle sweetness are more intense, the latter sweetness is slightly stronger, and there is no miscellaneous taste after sweetness.

3. Application:
As an excellent natural high-intensity sweetener, it can be widely used in beverages and foods.
Mogroside as a sweetener is safe and non-toxic, does not affect blood sugar, does not induce caries. It is generally recognized as safe , GRAS No. 706.

The application of Siamenoside I and MV75% can be added separately or combined with other sweeteners, and customized according to different food uses.