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Monk Fruit Extract Siamenoside I


Monk Fruit Extract



1.    Sources
Siamenoside I is a rare mogroside, which comes from Monk Fruit, a special economic plant of Guangxi, and is the sweetest substance in Luo Han Guo.
However, the content of Siamenoside I in Luo Han Guo is extremely low (about 0.1%, about 5% of the content of Mogroside V). It is mostly obtained by microbial fermentation method or through specific active enzymes and directed catalytic biosynthesis in the current market.

2. Properties:
①Sweetness: its sweetness is about 1.5 times that of Mogroside V, the sweetness is more pure, long and starts faster, basically no flavor characteristics of Luo Han Guo.
②Characteristics and applications: high sweetness multiples. As the content rises, the sweetness is more pure, and color is from light yellow to white. It has good water solubility, great stability, almost no calories. So it is an excellent natural sweetener. We are majoring in optimizing the cost and push forward to explore its application potential.

3. Advantages (compared with other sweeteners on the market at present):
Not astringent after taste like Steviol Glycosides, Glycyrrhizin, medium and post sweet taste soft, sweetness curve similar to sucrose, pure flavor.