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Agrimony Extract Powder

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Main components:Agrimonine
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Product Name: Agrimony Extract Powder
Botanical Name: Herba Agrimoniae
Part Used: Leaf
Specification: 4:1,5:1,10:1
Molecular Formula: C82H54O52
Molecular Weight: 1871.27
Appearance: Tan Powder
Brand Name: Changsha Nutramax Inc.
Model Number: Nutramax-AEP
What is Agrimony Extract produced in Changsha NutraMax Inc.?
Agrimony extract has a long history behind it. It was always used as a domestic medicinal herb by many of those who live in the country. The Agrimony extract is part of the rose family, and it is in bloom from June to September. This herb has beautiful leaves which add to its beauty.
This plant grows close to the ground. There are also flowers that grow closely together on.its little branches. Whats more, this herbal plant has a sweet smell that is of apricots which makes it enjoyable to many.
During the Middle Ages, this herb was used by the Anglo-Saxon peoples for the healing of  wounds and sores. They also used this herb as part of their ritual rites. It was believed that if a man put the herb beneath his head, hed be induced into deep sleep.
Today, the herb is used to treat diarrhea, relaxed bowels, sore throats, and passive blood  loss. For these treatments, a handful of the leaves or stems is dumped into a pint of boiling water. This solution can be gargled for the easing of a sore throat, and a teacup full, taken cold, three to four times a day, to get rid of diarrhea or help with the passive blood loss. And, though this herb is not yet fully appreciated by todays modern medicine, it is appreciated by many for its many virtues.
Besides,Agrimony is a flower essence suggested for individuals who mask inner torment, anxieties, and worries behind a brave face; hate to be alone; avoid confronting their issues; and may suffer from insomnia accompanied by churning thoughts.
Where will NutraMax’s Agrimony Extract be used to?
The yellow, star-shaped blossoms of Agrimonia eupatoria, an herb found throughout the northern hemisphere, have long been used as a remedy for diarrhea and a host of other ailments. Legend has it, for instance, that the ancient Greeks soothed eye problems with agrimony, and the Anglo-Saxons treated wounds with it as well. Modern science has found a sensible explanation for the long-time worldwide popularity of this herb: Agrimony contains high concentrations of tannins. These astringent compounds gently tighten and constrict the tissues with which they come into contact. Because of the tannins, the medicinal uses of agrimony are extensive. When sipped as a tea, for example, agrimony will help control the loose stools of diarrhea. Once cooled, the tea works as a throat gargle to reduce inflammation and relieve sore throat pain. Interestingly, Germany's prestigious Commission E approves of using the herb for these purposes.
Application of NutraMax’s Agrimony Extract:
1.stops bleeding
2.cardiotonic effect
3.inhibits Gram-Positive Bacteria
4.rids of tape worms
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