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Adsuki Bean extract powder

Product Code:8047-15-2
Main components:Saponin
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Sample application
Product Name: Adsuki Bean Extract Powder
Botanical Name: Semen Phaseoli
Part Used: Seed
Specification: 3:1,4:1
CAS No:8047-15-2
Molecular Formula;C27H42O3
Molecular Weight: 414.63
Appearance: Fine Brown Powder
Brand Name: Changsha Nutramax Inc.
Model Number: Nutramax-ABEP
What is Adsuki Bean Extract in Changsha NutraMax Inc.?
It grows well in warm climatic conditions. It should never be subjected to frost as it adversely affects their growth. A rich organic soil is best suited for cultivating these beans. It should also be well drained. They take around 15 to 20 days to germinate, though that varies according to the season and place. It takes around six months to mature and become ready for harvest. They have a late harvest period when compared to other beans that are eaten. These seeds can be harvested by the middle of September. These healthy legumes come from a plant which might have originated from China, spreading  throughout Japan around 3rd to 8th centuries.
Where will NutraMax’s Adsuki Bean Extract be used to?
These seeds are packed with a number of essential nutrients that immensely boost the body to fight against infections. They are high in soluble fiber and thus adsuki sprouts are excellent for health as they help in easy bowel movements. Fiber in the adzuki beans also helps the body get rid of cholesterol and toxins from the body, keeping it healthy. They are very popular therapeutic beans known for their healing powers curing a number of ailments. These beans help in keeping the kidneys fit and improve flow of urine. From iron, zinc, copper, manganese, vitamins to potassium, the beans are a storehouse of many minerals which help in the proper functioning of the body. Their consumption can lower blood pressure in a natural way since they have a high content of potassium and are low in sodium. They are storehouse of proteins hence these beans can be consumed by vegetarians fulfilling their protein requirement from them. These beans are ideal for people on diet as they are low in fat and calories, yet highly nutritious. Adsuki beans can be easily digested as they have a lot less fat than any other legumes. These beans are effective in keeping the heart healthy by reducing cholesterol build-up in the body. Protease inhibitors present in the beans stop the growth of cancerous cells in human body.
Application of NutraMax’s Adsuki Bean Extract1. To promote water metabolism and reduce edema;2. To relieve jaundice;3. To dispel toxins and eliminate pus.
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