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Bupleurum Extract Powder

Product Code:20874-52
Main components:Saikosaponin D
Specifications:5:1 10:1 12:1
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Product Name:Bupleurum Extract Powder 
Botanical Name: Bupleurum chinense DC. 
Part Used:Root Specification:5:1 10:1 12:1 
CAS No:20874-52 
Molecular Formula: C42H68O13 
Molecular Weight: 780.9815 
Appearance:Yellow Brown Powder 
Brand Name:Changsha Nutramax Inc. 
Model Number:Nutramax-BEP 
What is Bupleurum Extract Powder produced in Changsha NutraMax Inc.? 
Beginning was shown in Sheng Nong's herbal classic what the ancient medicine classic in china, the ancicent use this herbal to clearing deficient heat,cure malaria . NOW , Hanzhong U-Rising Hi-Tech Pharm Co.,Ltd adopt new technology to development Bupleurum sinensis The bupleurum is a perennial herb that grows to about 1 meter in height and usually found in the wild in patches along the sunny sides of sedge thickets. The Bupleurum is characterized by simple stem hugging leaves that grow alternately from the stem. Bupleurum leaves are broad, lanceolate in shape with gradually tapering base. Bupleurum bears small green to yellow flowers in axillary position and develop in umbrellate inflorencenses on the plant body. The flowers turn into Bupleurum fruit that is oblong or ellipsoid in shape slightly laterally compressed and has 5 ribs. The seeds are plane. Bupleurum has long been used in Chinese medicine which is among the ‘harmony herb”. The ‘harmony herbs” are a class of plants used to maintain internal energy in the body and to maintain the balance of all internal organs. Where will NutraMax’s Bupleurum Extract Powder be used to? Bupleurum herb is traditionally used as an herbal tonic to bring about improved functioning of the liver,studies done in Japan confirmed the protective effect of Bupleurum root extract to liver. Bupleurum root extract is also used to treat gastrointestinal problems and hemorrhoids. Bupleurum also used to promote perspiration by aiding the body to rush blood to the surface.beneficial in clearing fever, flu and inflammation due to infection. Bupleurum is also used to treat brain disorders, and female reproductive problems. Bupleurum is also being considered and studied for its anti-cancer properties. The use of Bupleurum in medicine has not been scientifically established due to limited studies conducted. Application of NutraMax’s Bupleurum Extract Powder anti-inflammatory Antipyretic Promote the immune function anti-hepatic injury
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