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Black Tea Extract

Product Code:4670-5-7
Main components:Polyphenols
Formula: C29H24O12
Specifications:30-90% Polyphenols
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Product Name: Black Tea Extract
Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis L.
Part Used: Leaf
Specification: 30-90% Polyphenols
CAS No:4670-05-7
Molecular Formula: C29H24O12
Molecular Weight: 516.5
Appearance: Tan Fine Powder
Brand Name: Changsha Nutramax Inc.
Model Number: Nutramax-BTE
What is Black Tea Extract produced in Changsha NutraMax Inc.?
 Black tea, like green, white and oolong tea, is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis. Black tea, however, is oxidized more than other types of tea made from this plant, giving its color and name. All teas made from the Camellia sinensis have different levels and varieties of polyphenols, antioxidants with a list of possible health benefits. Drinking enough tea to gain from these supposed benefits could be difficult; thus, extracts that preserve the active ingredients of black tea are available. Black tea extract is available in different forms, each of which could have potential advantages to one’s overall health.
Black tea extract can be purchased as pills, which include the powder form of the extract, or as tinctures mixed with water and sometimes alcohol. No studies have conclusively proved that either form has substantial health effects; thus, black tea extract is not recommended to treat disease or sickness. As a dietary supplement, however, it can provide many advantages.
There are five types of polyphenols, and they can each be found at different levels and chemical structures in various teas. While black tea shares many similar qualities of its more popular dietary supplement, green tea, black tea has lower levels of these supposedly healthful antioxidants. Green tea can have 30- to 40-percent of polyphenols, while black tea may contain only 3 to 10 percent due to the way it is processed.
Where will NutraMax’s Black Tea Extract be used to?
* Lung cancer. There is evidence that men who get more chemicals called phytoestrogens in their diet have up to a 27% lower risk of developing lung cancer than men who do not get these chemicals. Green tea and black tea contain phytoestrogens.
* Stomach disorders.
* High blood pressure.
* Vomiting.
* Diarrhea.
* Preventing tooth decay.
* Headache.
* Reducing the risk of other cancers.
* Promoting weight loss.
Application of NutraMax’s Black Tea Extract 
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