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Barley Grass Juice

Product Code:8068-5-1
Main components:lignin
Specifications:70% 16%
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Product Name: Barley Grass Juice
Botanical Name: Hordeum brevisubulatum (Trin.) Link 
Part Used: Whole grass
Specification: 4:1,8:1
CAS No:12001-79-5
Molecular Formula: C31H46O2
Molecular Weight: 450.6957
Appearance: Green Powder
Brand Name: Changsha Nutramax Inc.
Model Number: Nutramax-BGJ
What is Barley Grass Powder Extract produced in Changsha NutraMax Inc.?
Barley grass is the leaf portion of the barley plant (Hordeum vulgare) that remains after the seeds have been removed. The barley plant, an annual that requires reseeding each year, reaches a height of up to 3 ft (about 1 m). The plant has an extensive history in human and animal nutrition. As a nutritional supplement, it is preferable to use young barley plants that have not yet developed seeds.It is the young green plant that grows to produce the cereal grain. Grasses belong to the Gramineae family that provides all the world's cereals and most of the world's sugar. Wheat grass and barley grass are popular nutritional supplements. These cereal grasses, along with spirulina (see Spirulina), chlorella (see Chlorella), oat grass and alfalfa are sometimes referred to as "green foods." Wheat grass and barley grass are rich sources of chlorophyll , which is believed to have some health-promoting activities. 
Where will NutraMax’s Barley Grass Powder Extract be used to?
Wheat grass and barley grass have putative anticarcinogenic activity.
Wheat sprout extracts have demonstrated antimutagenic activity in vitro. The mechanism of the antimutagenic effect is unclear. Wheat sprouts and wheat grass are rich in chlorophyll, and the antimutagenic activity of wheat sprouts may be accounted for by the presence of this substance, which is known to have antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic activities (see Chlorophyll/Chlorophyllin). Other substances, including flavonoids, may also play a role in these possible activities. Barley grass extracts have been found to protect human fibroblasts against carcinogenic agents. Again, chlorophyll may, in part, account for this effect. Barley grass contains several substances other than chlorophyll that have antioxidant activity and that may contribute to its possible antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic activities. 
Application of NutraMax’s Barley Grass Powder Extract 
Pharmaceutical raw materials                
Food and Drink for health care       
Food additive  
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