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Giant Knotweed Extract

Product Code:501-36-0
Main components:Resveratrol
Affiliate classification
Sample application
Product Name:Giant Knotweed Extract
Botanical Name:Polygonum Cuspidatum
Part Used:Root
Specification:10%--98% Resveratrol;50%--98% Emodin;20%-99% Polydatin
Test method:HPLC
Appearance: Brown or white fine powder
CAS No.:501-36-0
Molecular Formula:C14H12O3
Molecular Weight:228.25
Model Number: Nutramax-PCE
What is Resveratrol produced in Changsha NutraMax Inc .?
Changsha NutraMax Inc .Resveratrol is naturally occurring phytoalexin produced by some higher plants in response to injury or fungal in fection. Phytoalexins are chemical substances produced by plants as a defense against in faction by pathogenic microorganisms, such as fungi. Alexin is from the Greek, meaning to ward off or to protect. Resveratrol may also have alexin-like activity for humans. Epidemiological, in vitro and animal studies suggest that a high resveretrol intake is associated with a reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease, and a reduced risk for cancer
Resveratrol is extracted from Polygonium cuspidatum and grape skin, its rich with Both cis - resveratrol and trans-resveratrol.
Where will NutraMax ’s Resveratrol used to?
* Anti-cancer
* Effect on cardiovascular system
* Antibacterial and antifungal
* Nourish and protect liver
* Antioxidant and quench free-radicals
* Impact on the metabolism of osseous issue
Application of NutraMax ‘s Resveratrol
(1)Applied in food field, it's used as food additive with the function of lengthening life.
(2)Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is frequently used as medicine supplement or OTCs ingredients and owns good efficacy for treatment of cancer and cardio-cerebrovascular disease.
(3)Applied in cosmetics, it can delay aging and prevent UV radiation.
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