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Flaxseed Hull Extract

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Product Name: Flaxseed Hull Extract
Latin Name : Linumusitatissimum L.
Plant part used :Seed (De-fatted)
Specifications :10%~80% Secoisolariciresinol Diglycoside (SDG) or Flax Lignans
Test Method :HPLC
Form: Lightyellow Fine powder
CAS No: 148244-82-0
Molecular Formula: C32H46O16
Mol. Wt.: 686.71
Solubility:Good in hydro-alcoholic solution
What is Flaxseed Hull Extract producedin Hunan Nutramax Inc.?
Secoisolariciresinol diglycoside, or SDG, is a plantlignan most notably found in flaxseed (linseed). SDG is classified as aphytoestrogen since it is a plant-derived, nonsteroid compound that possessesestrogen-like activity. SDG has weak estrogenic activity. The level of SDG inflaxseed typically varies between 0.6% and 1.8%.
Lignans are one of the two major classes ofphytoestrogens; the other class is the isoflavones. Plant lignans arepolyphenolic substances derived from phenylalanine via dimerization ofsubstituted cinnamic alcohols. Mammalian lignans are lignans derived from plantlignans. For example, following ingestion, SDG is converted to the aglyconesecoisolariciresinol, which is then metabolized to the mammalian lignansenterolactone and enterodiol. Most of the effects of oral SDG are mediated byenterolactone and enterodiol.
The molecular formula of SDG is C32H46O16, and itsmolecular weight is 686.71 daltons. The aglycone of SDG is also known as 2,3-bis (3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzyl) butane-1, 4-diol. Enterolactone is also knownas trans-2, 3-bis [(3-hydroxylphenyl) methyl]-butyrolactone. It is representedby the following structural formula:
Benefits OfNutramax’s Flaxseed Hull Extract
•Estrogenicand antiestrogenic activities
•Reducing symptoms of menopause 
•Benefit Breast health 
•Antioxidant activities
•Antidiabetic activities
•Modifying blood and cholesterol levels.
•Benefit Prostate health 
•Benefit Bone health 
•Benefit Heart health 
•Antiatherogenic activities
•Treat Hair loss 
•Treat Acne 
•Potential anticancer (anticarcinogenic) activities
Safety :
FlaxseedExtract is safe. And there is no report s of overdosage of SDG.
SDG is contraindicated in those who arehypersensitive to any component of an SDG-containing product.
Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid theuse of SDG supplementation.
Women with estrogen receptor-positive tumors shoulddiscuss the advisability of the use of SDG-containing products with theirphysicians before deciding to use them.
SDGnutritional supplements are currently being developed, and there are no dosagerecommendations at present.
SDG is present in flaxseed at levels of 0.6% to 1.8%and in much smaller amounts in flaxseed oil.
Consult physicians for different condition specifics.