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Rabdosia Japonica Hara Extract

Product Code:28957-04-2
Main components:Diterpene
Specifications:8: 1, 10: 1, 60% Diterpene
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Sample application
Product Name: Rabdosia japonica Hara Extract
Botanical Name: Rabdosia Japonica(Burm. F. )
Part Used: Plants
Specification: 8: 1, 10: 1, 60% Diterpene 
CAS No:28957-04-2 
Molecular Formula: C22H28O6 
Molecular Weight: 388.43
Appearance: Tan Powder
Brand Name: Changsha Nutramax Inc.
Model Number: Nutramax-RJHE
Extraction solvent: Grain Alcohol
Test method: HPLC
What is Rabdosia Japonica Hara Extract produced in Changsha NutraMax Inc .?
Various species of Rabdosia have been used in indigeneous medicine for the treatment of several diseases. 
Where will Rabdosia Japonica Hara Extract used to?
1. Rabdsia was tested in the lab against human leukemia cells in China and found to help induce cell death apoptosis. 
2. It can clears heat and toxins, nourish yin, remove blood stasis and relieve swelling, relieve pain. 
3. It is often used in cancer of esophagus, and cardia; Breast and liver. 
4. It is effective for epithelial hyperplasia of esophagus; For stomach ache due to stomach-heat, inflammation of the throat, hot cough, mammary abscess, chronic bronchitis, chronic inflammation of the pelvic area. 
Application of Rabdosia Japonica Hara Extract
(1). Controlling the expansion of cell of cancer. 
(2). Curing sore throat having the function of releasing pain 
(3). Turn the digestion and blood cyclic system into better.  
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