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Phyllanthus Emblica Extract

Product Code:90028-28-7
Main components:Polyphenlos
Specifications:Polyphenlos 35%
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Product Name: Phyllanthus Emblica Extract 
Latin Name: Phyllanthus Emblica L. 
Active Ingredient: polyphenol, Gallic acid, ellagic acid, glucogallin, corilagin, phyllemblic acid, emblicol, etc. 
Specification: 35% Polyphenlos Ratio: 4:1 to 10:1 
Botanical Source: Fruit 
Product Type: Black Tan Powder 
Test Method: UV-VIS CAS No.: 90028-28-7 
Model Number: Nutramax-PEE 
What is Phyllanthus Emblica Extract produced in NutraMax ? 
Amla, other names include: Yu Gan Zi(Chinese name), Phyllanthus emblica, Emblica officinalis in biological terms and amlaki in Sanskrit language. It is the richest natural source of vitamin C. remedy for mind. Besides being easily absorbable in the body, it also aids in digesting food better, as vitamin C enhances food absorption. Amla’s vitamin C content helps assimilate minerals like iron. It is ideal for people who are anaemic. Being a natural immunity booster, i t helps to fight infections and keep illness at bay. Use it in any way that appeals to you – salted, marinated in lemon juice, sweetened or plain. Amla (or Amlaka, Amlaki, or other variants) is one of the most frequently used of the Ayurvedic herbs; it is the fruit of Phyllanthus emblica, also called Emblica officinalis. The fruit is similar in appearance to the common gooseberry (Ribes spp., a type of currant), which is botanically unrelated to amla. However, due to the similar appearance of the fruit clusters, amla is usually called the "Indian gooseberry." The plant, a member of the Euphorbiaceae, grows to become a medium-sized tree that is found growing in the plains and sub-mountain regions all over the Indian subcontinent from 200 to nearly 2000 meters above sea level. Its natural habitat, like other members of its family, ranges from Burma in the East to Afghanistan in the West; from Deccan in south India to the foothills of the Himalayan range. 
What are Health Benefits? 
Emblic (Fructus phyllanthi) can remove heat from blood, to promote digestion and the production of body fluid and to relieve cough.It is mainly used in heat in the blood and blood stasis; liver and gall bladder diseases; dyspepsia, abdominal pain; cough, sore throat, dryness of the mouth. 
Where will NutraMax ’s Phyllanthus Emblica Extract used to? 
Main functions are as follows: 1.It has very good function to loose weight and lower fat. 2.It has very effect to Whiten Skin and antiaging. 3.It may Protect liver detoxification and cure chronic hepatitis. 4.It may cure hypertension, obesity, hyperlipidemia and edema. Application of NutraMax ‘s Phyllanthus Emblica Extract: 1) Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills; 2) Functional food as capsules or pills; 3) Water-soluble beverages; 4) Health products as capsules or pills.
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