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Tongkat Ali Extract

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Specifications:1%2% Eurycomanone
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English Name : Tongkat Ali Extract
Botanic Name: Eurycoma Longifolia Jack
Specification: 1%2% Eurycomanone
Extract Ratio: 10:1, 25:1, 50:1,100:1,200:1
Part of used: Root
Appearance: Brown yellow Powder to yellow powder
Test Method: HPLC
Extract Method: Water
What is the Eurycoma longifolia Extract produced in Hunan Nutramax Inc.?
Eurycoma longifolia (commonly called tongkat ali or pasak bumi) is a flowering plant in the family Simaroubaceae, native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and, to a lesser extent, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. It is also known under the names penawar pahit, penawar bias, bedara merah, bedara putih, lempedu pahit, payong ali, tongkat baginda, muntah bumi, petala bumi (all the above Malay); bidara laut (Indonesian); babi kurus (Javanese); cay ba binh (Vietnamese) and tho nan (Laotian). Many of the common names refer to the plant's medicinal use and extreme bitterness. "Penawar pahit" translates simply as "bitter charm" or "bitter medicine".Older literature, such as a 1953 article in the Journal of Ecology, may cite only "penawar pahit" as the plant's common Malay name.
What will Nutramax’s Eurycoma longifolia Extract used to ?
(1). Promote the body's own testosterone production, the highest can reach 440%, promote the growth of human muscle;
(2). It has multiple effects, such as promote physical fitness and control, maintain strong energy, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve depression;
(3). Enhance blood circulation and metabolism, enhance renal dynamic and reduce the damage of drugs on renal;
(4). Improve the human sexual function and rapid recovery of strength;
(5). Enhance human fertility and improve male sperm production, improve spermactivity;
(6). Repair and nourish human gonads and reproductive system, effect on the elimination of prostatitis symptoms;
(7). Prevent and cure the malaria, and has been proven to have great potential to treat cancer.
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Food and Drink for health care 
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