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Achyranthes Extract Powder

Product Code:15307-79
Main components:Inokosterone
Specifications:10% olc
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Sample application
Product Name: Achyranthes Extract Powder
Botanical Name: Achyranthes aspera L.
Part Used: leaf
Specification: 10% olc
CAS No:15307-79
Molecular Formula;C27H44O7 
Molecular Weight: 480.6341
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Brand Name: Changsha Nutramax Inc.
Model Number: Nutramax-AEP
What is Achyranthes Extract Powder produced in Changsha NutraMax Inc.?
Different parts of the plant have different ingredients in many native prescriptions in combination with more active remedies. In Western India the juice is applied to relieve toothache. The ashes with honey are given to relieve cough; the root in dosed of one tola is given at bedtime for night blindness, and rubbed into a paste with water it is used as an anjan (eye salve) in opacities of the cornea. The seeds are often used as a famine food in India, especially in Rajputana, where the plant is called Bharotha (grass).Leaves, root, tandul and whole plant is used in various Ayurvedic formulations
It has been comprehensively indicated in Ayurveda as an anti-inflammatory agent for diseases of urinary tract disorders. It is used in formulations for piles, indigestion, cough, asthma, anemia, jaundice and snake bite. Apamarg kshar oil is used locally in earache. The root powder is applied to the skin diseases for controlling skin allergies and rashes.
Where will NutraMax’s Achyranthes Extract Powder be used to?
The roots, leaves and stems are widely used in Chinese herbal medicine.They act predominantly on the lower half of the body and are used in the treatment of aching back and knees and asthenia of the lower limbs.The herb is taken internally to treat hypertension, back pains, urine in the blood, menstrual pain, bleeding etcIt is an ingredient in medicine. It can eliminate gore,cure gonorrhea and amenorrhea, etc.
Application of NutraMax’s Achyranthes Extract Powder
1.For kidney lower back pain, tinnitus deafness, loose teeth, tumbled down passage, bones and muscles is broken;
2.Outside cure alopecia areata, vitiligo.  
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