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Gynostemma Extract

Product Name: Gynostemma Extract
Botanical Name: Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Thunb.) Makino
Specification: Gypenoside 20%~98%
Appearance: Light brown to yellow powder
Plant Part Used: Leaf
Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water
CAS : 15588-68-8
Molecular Formula: C80H126O44
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Product Name: Gynostemma Extract
Botanical Name: Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Thunb.) Makino
Specification: Gypenoside 20%~98%
Appearance: Light brown to yellow powder
Plant Part Used: Leaf
Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water
CAS : 15588-68-8
Molecular Formula: C80H126O44

Introduction :
Gynostemma pentaphyllum is an herbaceous vine of the family Cucurbitaceae (cucumber or gourd family) indigenous to the southern reaches of China, southern Korea and Japan. Gynostemma is best known as an herbal medicine reputed to have powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic effects that increase longevity.Gynostemma taste little bitter, has function on cough, expectorant function.
Gynostemma has been widely reported to be effective in decrease blood lipid and blood glucose, resist aging and cancer. Gynostemma is also helpful on protecting liver and enhancing body’s immunological function, although some of mechanism are still waiting for research. Other researches have shown than gynostemma can improve the metabolism of the heart directly as well as enhancesthe release of nitric oxide of the body, which can help to relax the coronary blood vessels obviously.
(1)    Lower blood pressure, blood fat, lowering blood sugar.
(2) Anti-atherosclerosis, inhibition of thrombosis, the treatment of cardiovascular disease.
(3) Sedative-cultivation, aging, improve mental activity, enhance brain function.
(4) Activation of normal human cells, inhibition of fat, spleen and stomach, fatigue solutions, has sedative, hypnotic, anti-stress effect, treatment of migraine headaches.
(5) Enhance the activity of blood lymphocytes, enhance the body's immune function.
(6) Eliminate the toxic side effects of hormone drugs.
(7) Anti-inflammatory. Intestinal, gastric ulcer and swollen ulcer.
(8) Particularly significant effect of constipation, while some black hair and beauty.

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