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Red Rice Yeast extract

Product Name:Red rice yeast extract
Latin Name: Monascus purpureus
Specification: Monacolin K 0.1%-3%,Lovastatin :0.1%~3% 

Appearance: Red Brown Fine Powder
CAS number:75330-75-5

Test method  HPLC
Molecular formula: C24H36O5
Molecular weight: 404.54
Part Used: Rice (Dried, 100% Natural)
Brand Name Nutra Max
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Sample application
Product Name:Red rice yeast extract
Latin Name: Monascus purpureus
Specification: Monacolin K 0.1%-3%,Lovastatin :0.1%~3% 
Appearance: Red Brown Fine Powder
CAS number:75330-75-5
Test method  HPLC
Molecular formula: C24H36O5
Molecular weight: 404.54
Part Used: Rice (Dried, 100% Natural)
Brand Name Nutra Max
What is Red yeast rice produced in Changsha NutraMax Inc .? 
Red yeast rice is a substance made by fermenting a type of red yeast called Monascus purpureus over rice.Red yeast rice has been used in China as a preservative, spice, and food coloring. It's used to give Peking duck its characteristic red color and can also be an ingredient in fish sauce, fish paste, and rice wine. Red yeast rice is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy for poor circulation, indigestion, and diarrhea.
Red yeast rice contains naturally-occurring substances called monacolins. Monocolins, particularly one called lovastatin, is believed to be converted in the body to a substance that inhibits HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme that triggers cholesterol production. This is the way the popular statin drugs work.Because of this action, red yeast rice products containing a higher concentration of monocolins have been developed and marketed as a natural product to lower cholesterol.
Where will NutraMax ’s Red rice yeast extract used to?
1. With the function of lowering blood pressure and total cholesterol and triglycerides;
2. With the function of improving blood circulation and benefiting stomach;
3. Antioxidant, preventing coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis;
4. With the function of reducing the occurring of Alzheimer's disease.
Application of NutraMax 's Red rice yeast extract 
1. As raw materials of drugs for lowering blood pressure and Alzheimer's disease, it is mainly used in 
pharmaceutical field;
2. As active ingredient of products for improving blood circulation and benefiting stomach, it is mainly 
used in health product industry;
3. As food supplements and natural pigment, it is widely used in food industry.
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