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2013 Spring Festival Gala of Hunan Plant Extracts Industry & China Plant Extracts Peak BBS
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Hunan Plant Extracts Industry Spring Festival Gala was grandly held in Changsha Qingtian Hotel. The next day,China Plant Extracts Peak BBS was ceremoniously convened in Hunan Agricultural University.Plant extracts peer representatives across the country about 300 people attended the party and BBS and this was a great success.This pary and BBS was totally sponsor by:Changsha Nutramax Inc. ,Changsha Kang Long Inc. and Hunan Huacheng Inc.

  On Jan.26, the programs of the Spring Festival Gala was excellent and welcomed.These three companies self directed and acted various forms shows and the programs are rich and wonderful.The atmosphere is very good and cheers rise here and there.Guest Mrs. Yao guide all guests perform “Grateful Heart” dance on-scene and also have lucky draw activity ,games and some other interactive programs. These take the party into the highlights and then enter to the dinner.

On Jan. 27, “China Plant Extracts Peak BBS” was very successful. Participant units is numerous(List attached in end). The president of China plant extracts association Zhang chengwen ,National Natural Products Research Center Liu Zhonghua Professor came to spot giving a excellent report.Plant Extracts Industry up-rising star Zhang Baotang, Liu XiRong, Tang Hongliang etc. also take a wonderful industry report.The live atmosphere is very active.Everybody positively specking to take part in interaction. All participant representatives all said they benefited  a lot from this BBSThis “China Plant ExtractsPeak BBS” will have a far-reaching effects on Plant Extracts Trade.

Appointment after meeting:On January 11, 2014,“The second Spring Festival Gala Evening  of  Hunan Plant Extracts Trade” and “The second China Plant Extracts PeakBBS” will be held in changsha on schedule.Please stay tuned!

 Attachment: Spring Festival Gala Evening Program Schedule and China Plant ExtractsPeak BBS Content














ⅠOutline of these activity

Jan.26 /14: 00 -14:30 Guests Admission- Qingtian Hotel

Jan.26 /14:58 -18:00 Spring Festival Gala Evening - Qingtian Hotel

Jan.26 /18:00 - 20:00  Dinner- Qingtian Hotel

Jan.26 /20:30 - 24:00 KTV Gala- Night Da Run Fa third floor KTV

Jan.27/ 09:30: the former library -Wen Yuan Building of Hunan Agricultural University

The party content

The first part:

1.Chorus,”Edelweiss””Lemon Tree”, Changsha Organic Herb Inc.

2.Vocal solo,Hunan Huacheng Biotch Inc.

3.Dumb show.”seal”,Changsha NutraMax Inc.

Game,”who is the spy”,Lucky draw,”the third prize


The second part

1.Scene play,”Fighting,the youth”,Changsha Organic Herb Inc.

2.Guitar Performance,Hunan Huacheng Biotch Inc.

3.Dance,”Jiangnan Style”,Changsha NutraMax Inc.

Game,”you do,I guess”,Lucky draw,”the second prize


The third part

1.Chorus,”Love,because in the heart”,Hunan Huacheng Biotch Inc.

2.Dance,”stool dance”,Changsha Organic Herb Inc.

3.Solo,”unrestrained and far-ranging”,Changsha NutraMax Inc.


Fashion Show

Guests interaction,”Indebted heart 

Lucky draw,”the first prize

Ⅲ.The dinner party content:

1. All stand up and play the national anthem;

2. Comperes read the guest list;

3. Leaders of three company address;

4. Commodity inspection bureau leadership make a speech.

5. The guest Ms Guangqiong,Yao makes a speech.

6. Three industry rookie of three company make a speech;

7:Three chairman,Jiarong Liu,Huoxue Huang,Baotang Zhang,open champagne together on the stage;

8. Comperes read out activity arrangements of tonight and the next time.





The Content of China Plant Extracts Peak BBS

1.China plant extracts association president, Xi'an Hao Tian Bio-engineering TechnologyCo., Ltd chairman: an industry senior with 20 years plant extract industry experience-Zhang Chengwen: “U..S. Plant Supplements Development Tendency”

2.National Natural Products Research Center director,Hunan Agricultural Universityprofessor, China plant extracts association(preparatory )president: a professor with 20 years plant extract industry experience-Liu Zhonghua: “Plant Extracts Industry Development Prospects”

3.China plant extracts association director,China plant extracts association (preparatory ) vice-president,Changsha Organic Herb Inc. Chairman: a chairman with 12 years plant extract industry experience-Liu xirong: “   International Market Expand and Development of Plant Extracts”

4.China plant extracts association (preparatory ) vice-president,Hunan Huacheng Biotch Inc. and Jiangxi Hai Fu Biotech Co.,Ltd. Chairman: a chairman with 13 years plant extract industry experience-Huang huaxue: “How to Receive  Foreign Key Customer's Visiting Factory”

5.China plant extracts association (preparatory ) secretary-general,Changsha Nutramax Inc. and  Hunan 3w Botanical Extract Inc. Chairman:a secretary with 12 years plant extract industry experience-Zhang Baotang: “P present Status , Development and Future of Plant Extracts Industry

Guest List(Part)  

Organization                                      Person in Charge

1.China plant extracts association                 Zhang Chengwen ,President

2.Hunan Plant Extracts Association Preparatory Committee  Liu Zhonghua ,President

3.Commodity Inspection Bureau of Hunan Province        Leader

4.Changsha Development and Reform Commission         Leader

5.Changsha Science and Technology Bureau               Leader

6.Chinese Businessmen                               Chief Editor

7.Hunan Agricultural University International College     

Cui Xiangxing ,Secretary

8.Hunan Agricultural University College of Biotechnology  Rao Liqun, Dean and Doctoral Tutor.

9.Hunan Agricultural University College of Biotechnology 

Peng Guoping ,Professor

10.Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine University,Chinese Medicine Chemistry  11.Du Fanglu, Professor

12.Central South University Personnel Division             Zhen Jie,Professor

13.Central South University Xiang Ya College of Pharmacy    Liu Shao,Professor

14.Hunan Agricultural University                    Chen Qingyu,Professor

15.Hunan Agricultural University Plant Resources Engineering Department

Xiao WenJun,professor

16.Hunan Agricultural University Plant Resources Engineering Department Wang Kunbo,Professor

17.Hunan Agricultural University Plant Resources Engineering Department Gong Yushun,Professor 

18.Hunan Agricultural University Plant Resources Engineering Department Li YinhuaTeacher

19.Changsh Fei Tuo plant products Inc.             Liu HonghuaHe Xiangjing

20.Hunan Jin Long  Bio-resource Co.,Ltd.                     Zhang Youfa

21.Herbalife Leishuo (Hunan) Natural Products Co. Ltd.   Zhen Qunyi,Meng Yan

22.Hunan Lushan Natural Pharmaceutical co., Ltd.      Jiang Xinyu,Wen Juping

23.Hunan Bai Li Da Inc.                                    Luo Wendong

25.Hunan Wei Jia Inc.                                    Xiao Wenzhong

26.Hunan Da Zi Ran Inc.                                     Li Wendong                

27.Hunan Kang Er Jia Pharmacy              Yang Xiangdong. Xiao Yecheng

28.Hunan Yong zhou Si Tong Inc.                               Dou Jiakun

29.Hunan Qiyang Yong Yuan Inc.                            Liu Kaishan

30.Hunan Bai Tai Li Inc.                                   Zeng Minyue

31.Hunan Lv Zhou Inc.                         Luo Qian, Li Jin, Luo Yahui

32.Hunan Lang Lin Inc.                                    Cao Huizhang

33.Hubei Borui Inc.                                      Yang Wenzhong

34.Changsha Hua Kang Inc.                                Huang Jianwei

35.Changsha Jin Cao Inc.                                  Guan JinXing

36.Shenzhen Hua Lin Inc                                   Dai Xiangyou

37.Changsha Rui Ding Inc.                                    Deng Fang

38.Changsha Yun Yin Inc.                                     Li Jun

39.Changsha Lv Kong Inc.                                    Li Minghua

40.Chenzhou Ming Run Inc.                                  Liu Zhibing

41.Changsha Nong Jian Inc.                                     Tian Jie

42.Changsha Ju Long Inc.                                  Wang Keming

43.Changsha Lan Wei Inc.                                   Li Yongwang

44.Shanxi Long Huan Inc.                                    Li Shaowen

45.Changsha Jie Kai Inc.                                      Li Xinchun

46.Hunan Agricultural University                            Zeng Jianguo

47.Changsha Shi Wei Inc.                     Zeng Jianxiang,Li Changhong

48.Changsha Yuan Hang Inc.                                   Xiang Yi

49.Changsha San Fu Inc             Shi Jianyun,Kang Jianyun, Zhang Sheng

50.Changsha Lu Yuan Inc.                           Wang Qiwen

51.Changsha Yi Ke Inc.                              Tang Wanyong

52.Changsha Bo Tai Inc.                               Liao Meisheng

53.Changsha Fu Neng Inc.                             Zhu Mingjie

54.Hunan Shuang Pai Jin Rui Inc.                        Liu Meng

55.Hunan Kang Shou Pharmacy                         Zhu Yanmin

56.Changsha Kang Rong Inc.                            Yuan Aihua

57.Hunan Guan Yuan Inc.                               Tang Shubing

58.Shaoxing Dongling Inc.                             Ying Wei Chao

59.Shijiazhuang Jian He Inc.                            Ma Jie

60.Hong Jiang Jin Tai Inc.                              Chen Jihui

61.US. Nove Ingredients China Office                  Qian Jiang

62.Guilin Dai Yuan Inc.                              Zhou Diping

63.Xuzhou Lv Yuan Inc.                             Bu Fansheng

64.Changsha Hourong Inc.                           Chang Houlin

65.Ge Lu Si Inc.                                    Che Fazhan

66.Hunan Agricultural University                      Chen Shi,Ke Ziquan, 67.Chen Weijia

68.Huaihua  Resveratrol                             Chen Jihui                               

69.Yi Dong Inc.                                     Dou Jiakun

70.Guang Han Lv Song Inc.                           Feng Liangping

71.Dalian Yi Nuo Inc.                                 Gu Guangwei

72.Sichuan He Yi Kang                                Guan Xiaoqiang

73.Shandong Sheng Yuan Inc.                           Guo Rui Lou

74.Chengdu Hua Gao Pharmacy                         Huan Jun

75.Hunan Lu Shan Pharmacy                            Jiang Xinyu

76.Sichuan Botany Institute                              Jiang Hongwu

77.Guilin Qi Ming Inc.                               Zhu Yanghui,Li Lijin

78.Hong Sheng Inc.                                     Li Zhibin

79.U.S. Nuo Wei’er inc                                Qian Jiang

80.Lai Yin Inc.                                         Liao jingjun

81.Qiyang Yong Yuan                                    Liu Kaishan

82.He Cheng San Xian                                   Luo Andong

83.Zhuzhou Chen Cui                                    Luo Hua

84.Bai Li Da                                            Luo Dongwen

85.Jian He Inc.                                          Ma Jie

86.Jin Han Inc.                                          Tan Hua

87.Changsha Yi Ke                                       Tang Wanyong

88.Yi Chao Inc.                                          Wang Yichao

89.Fujian Wu Yi Lang Inc.                                 Wang Xiaobao

90.Hunan EMS                                          Wu Feixiong

91.Kang Baolai                                           Zhen Qunyi

92.Naturex                                               Xia Tian

93.Jie Xiang Inc.                                          Xiang Jiabing

94.Chendu Long Tuo Inc.                                    Duan Jiyu

95.Mingrui Inc.                                             Yang Yuan

96.Wuling Yang Guan Inc.                                    Yang Yong

97.Wuhu Tian Yuan Inc.                                  Yao Guangqiong

98.Changsha Shi Wei Inc.                                  Zeng Jianxiang

99.Mian Liao Inc.                                          Zeng Yuemin

100.Zhi Ti Qiao                                             Zhang Shuli

101.Zhejiang Hui Song                                       Zhen Meng

102.Ou Kang Inc.                                         Zhao Zhuojun

103.Shanxi Hui Ke                                            Xian Qing

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